Nu Education

Its time to partner with public schools to show our kids, their future as a part of the international African American community.

Specialized Curriculum

Students participating in the Nu Education program will  complete a course of study created specifically to inform their journey to the designated country of travel. The content will present a well balanced perspective of the countries pre colonial accomplishments, present state and future trajectory. Nu Solatium will facilitate the development of the specialized curriculum based on a framework that prioritizes History, public policy/government and culture.


 Nu Solatium will work with school districts to identify students in low-income areas that have an interest in traveling abroad to learn more about the continent. We will facilitate every step of the experience. Our ambition is to have our first cohort visit South Africa. They will embark on a 4-week journey visiting the rich historical sites, learning about the countries cultural and political leaders and having the opportunity to see themselves in their South African brothers and sisters first hand. An invaluable, empowering and life changing experience.

Ongoing Student Support

As Alumni of the program, the participating students will have ongoing support through our mentorship program and be eligible for scholarships should they choose to further their education at any HBCU. 

Lets Help Each Other

There’s nothing like community and there’s real power in numbers. Join us to help support our cause — It takes a village, so it’s important that we work together!


Support Our Cause

One goal of this organization is to work in tandem with urban school districts to take a cohort of African American students to the continent for a real education about their heritage and culture. If you see the value in such an experience for our youth, become a donor!


Join the Team

From serving as a International Ambassador to inspiring change as a Site Contributor, or helping to fund the cause by soliciting donations as a volunteer, there are many ways you can help Nu Solatium further this mission. Click to learn more information about how you can help!