Creating a Lasting Legacy in the International African American Community

building a culture of support

Nu Solatium is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help support the repatriation, relocation or retirement of African Americans to the continent of origin. We aim to provide a forum where people can support one other by sharing their experiences and resources. 

One of the goals of this organization is to work in tandem with urban districts to take annually groups of African American youth to experience the country in person. We want to inspire the new generation to aspire to Africa. When you donate, a portion of those funds will aid this cause. 


Our mission is to help every African American return to the Mother continent, whether for retirement, relocation or repatriation. We seek to foster connections, build awareness and share resources through our platform to achieve this mission, one African American family at a time. 


We aspire to venture into a future where African Americans and many generations that follow become fully integrated within Africa and reclaim and embrace their true heritage — with the fluidity to travel, live and work in both the US and in Africa.



Lets Help Each Other

There’s nothing like community and there’s real power in numbers. Join us to help support our cause — It takes a village, so it’s important that we work together!


Support Our Cause

One goal of this organization is to work in tandem with urban school districts to take a cohort of African American students to the continent for a real education about their heritage and culture. If you see the value in such an experience for our youth, become a donor!


Join the Team

From serving as a International Ambassador to inspiring change as a Site Contributor, or helping to fund the cause by soliciting donations as a volunteer, there are many ways you can help Nu Solatium further this mission. Click to learn more information about how you can help!